My Essential Herbal Remedy Travel Kit

November 16, 2017

Our family likes to travel. Who doesn’t?! Traveling to new places is mind-expanding, heart expanding and hopefully allows us to have experiences to treasure forever.


Our family likes to travel. Who doesn’t?! Traveling to new places is mind-expanding, heart expanding and hopefully allows us to have experiences to treasure forever.

As a parent, it’s given me an added aspect, which is sharing traveling with our kids. It’s so fun to experience new (or new to them) lands and watch them soak it all in and create their own memories.

To keep traveling safe and healthy for us all, we pack a kit that covers most bases as far as sickness and ailments go. When I mentioned this in an Instagram post after our last trip to California, I had a huge response from folks who wanted to know what was in our kit!

So, here you go my friends. This is what I’ve come up with (and it’s ever changing and evolving) for our family.

First of all, most of what is in our kit is in some kind of liquid form. So, of course the TSA regulations limit what you can take on the plane. On our last trip, Sam and I and our oldest, Ezra, each packed a travel kit with us. I prefer to bring with us on the plane for three reasons.

1. The airlines are rough on luggage so I don’t want tinctures and such to break.

2. We might need some of the items while on the plane.

3. If luggage gets lost, we still have what we need.

Traveling on a plane exposes you and your family to a multitude of germs in a very short amount of time. This is happening during a stressful time (travel, even when you’re happy, can stress the body just because of the change in schedule alone, not to mention lack of sleep to catch the plane, eating differently than usual, being exposed to radiation from flying, etc). So, it is very important and will up your chances for a healthy trip, to pack remedies that boost the immune system and help you out if you do get sick. My motto is be prepared!

Before our last trip, I splurged on these amazing bags from Living Libations, which are EMF protected. This protects the delicate essential oils and medicinal properties of your remedies.  

Here is my list of 18 essentials we pack for our travels.

*** Always make sure to do your research with any herbal remedy! Every company is different and will vary in quality and dosage ***

This is not medical advice. I’m simply sharing what works for our family.

Now on to the remedies!

1. Oil of oregano (in dropper form) – this is one of the most-used items for our family when cold and flu season come calling. Oregano is a powerful antiviral herb. We rub a small drop of the oil on our feet when we start to feel unwell. The feet soak up anything that’s put on them, so it’s an awesome delivery system ~ especially for kiddos. (See my previous blog post for a simple yet affective garlic and oregano
oil remedy

2. Garlic & mullein oil (in dropper form). With two kids, I make sure we always have this on hand. You should be able to find this remedy at any reputable health food store. It’s an old and effective remedy for ear ache. Gently warm a few drops of oil and drop into the ear.

3. Clove oil (essential oil) Clove is a helpful pain reliever for toothache and teething. It’s also anti-parasitic, which is especially helpful for over seas travel.

4. Lavender essential oil – We take a lot of baths and we always use a few drops lavender. It calms the senses and is soothing to the emotional state – perfect for adults who need to wind down and kids getting ready for bedtime.

5. Deep Breathing essential oil blend – This is a blend from Living Libations that I really love. I use this in the bath when anyone is stuffed up. You can also put a few drops into a diffuser or a bowl of steaming water and put your face over it with a towel over the head to break up mucus.

6. Breathing Balm – This is also a blend from Living Libations. This I mostly use for the kids if they have a cold, but have used myself as well. It helps you breath and helps breaks up bronchial congestion.

7. Herbal Healing Salve – I always have this on hand – either one that I make or one from a health food store or local herbalist. It helps cuts and lesions heal quickly without preservatives or chemicals.

8. Arnica oil – used externally for bruising and aches, sprains and swelling. I also use externally on the cheeks for teething babies.

9. BandAids – this one is pretty self explanatory. I always travel with these just in case.

10. Home made sanitizing spray – I used lavender and tea tree in a blend of water and witch hazel.  Just shake and spray.  My favorite times to use this is after using the bathroom on the plane or before eating anything.  The important thing is to have a way to sanitize hands and surfaces that don’t include harmful chemicals and create superbugs.

11. Echinacea and Elderberry tincture. I make my own but you can also find this herbal tincture at any reputable health food store. It’s an awesome immune stimulator. We start taking a week before we fly and throughout travel.

12. A “chill out” tincture – Right now I’m using my own made with just Motherwort, but really any quality herbal tincture that calms the body and the mental state.  I’ve also been trying out CBD oil for calming and really love it.

13. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy spray – another calming remedy (calm is important with kiddos, so I pack more than one calming remedy). The spray quick and easy! I use during stressful times or before bed

14. Raw Honey – we use this to wash our face and also as a wound healer, sore throat soother and yummy snack. We never travel without it.

15. Coconut oil – we use this to moisturize after bath or shower, sooth skin, massage oil, cooking, wound healing…the list goes on. Another one we don’t travel without!

16. Charcoal – yes, you read correctly. You can buy food grade charcoal tablets at your health food store. Charcoal helps pull toxins out of the system somewhat quickly ~ something really great to have one hand for food poisoning or anything that causes diarrhea.

17. Bentonite clay – This stuff is so awesome. It’s light to travel with and you just add water, which activates it’s healing properties. It can be used on the skin for bug bites, stings, skin irritations, cuts and burns. It’s used internally for removing toxins. It can also be added to a bath to remove toxins through the skin (great for kiddos who aren’t going to want to take internally). I also use it mixed with honey and water for a face mask!

18. Reishi tincture (my favorite brand is Dragon Herbs) – I always travel with reishi. Continued every day use keeps the immune system strong and emotional state calm and chill.  *** we sell it at Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe as well for Indy locals! ***

Our travel remedy kit is always changing. I feel like a more accurate statement is, it’s always GROWING!  With now four people
in our family, it means more people to care for.  As I learn about new herbal remedies, I continue to add on. You’ll find remedies that you love too and just add them right into the mix!

On our last trip, we used probably half of the items listed. The other half didn’t need to be used. We stayed healthy and came back with strong immune systems.  This is my intention for all of our travels.  

Safe & healthy journeys to you and yours!


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