Become the medicine woman of your home

There has never been a better time to empower yourself. 

Our Medicine Woman Members are learning to connect with the plants, grow them, forage and use them in medicine making and in daily meals. 

Weaving good medicine into body and soul.

Doors open Fall 2024

We're connecting to ancient plant wisdom to empower our modern lives.

You learn to build a foundation for deeply rooted wellness and vitality by using and honoring plants and your natural intuitive power.  Both go hand in hand in allowing your inner Medicine Woman to bloom.

Ancient Plant Wisdom for the Modern Kitchen

I know what it's like to wonder if you'll ever feel healthy.

Over a decade ago, I found myself in another doctor's office feeling scared about my future. After being dismissed yet again by another doctor, I started on a new path.  I began learning to listen to my inner voice and leaning on the plants to help me heal.  It's been the most amazing life changing experience to find my inner power.  My inner Medicine Woman.

My mission is to help YOU awaken to your inner Medicine Woman with practical and intuitive tools and guidance.

Find out more about Medicine Woman 

the three pillars of medicine woman

Learn to create plant based gluten-free recipes layered with medicine

Learn to make your own herbal remedies to stock your home apothecary

Learn to grow your own food and medicine using simple permaculture practices

Medicine Woman offers both a practical  and intuitive approach to integrating plants and natural healing into your daily life.

You'll learn how to listen to the plants and listen to yourself.

The result of this approach is empowerment and health freedom.

Medicine Woman has enriched my life by giving me an outlet to show love to myself and my family in a healing way. It has been a grounding experience, allowing me to connect with something bigger than myself.

Medicine Woman has also given me a new tribe of women who share similar values. I’ve been a fan of Chef Audrey’s for years, and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to learn from her even though I live in a different state.

- Annelise 

   - How to make amazingly delicious plant-based meals layered with medicine

   - How to make herbal remedies

   - How to grow your own food and herbs.

And additional categories and lessons covering:

   - Wild foraging and identifying wild herbs

   - Kitchen organization

   - Herbal and natural self care using ancient methods

   - Case studies on specific ailments and how to treat them with simple remedies

Bonus lessons on ancient and effective self care for women including womb care techniques I've learned as a Maya Abdominal Therapist

What's included

The ability to comment or ask questions for any lessons in our online portal which are always answered by me.  If you chose to be in the private FB group, I also answer questions there each week.  We also gather monthly for Q&A on Zoom.

Lessons taught in a seasonal rhythm to help you connect with the natural world outside your door and integrate the cyclical nature of the seasons into your life. 

In addition to.....

No pressure guided self-study - Medicine Woman is a course that you can take it at your own pace.

Extensive PDF sheets for your lessons for those who enjoy having paper copies or creating a binder as many of our students do. 

A library of over 150 lessons and videos covering:

I’m more aware of nature and the medicines all around me. I have a better understanding of seasonal cycles of the planet and how to be more in tune with them in my actions


Connecting to the cycles of the natural world and herself

From the mouths of
medicine Women

When I signed up, I had no idea I would have access to all the past lessons. What a vast amount of knowledge, recipes, and herbal remedies that I can read and use at any time! 


Loving the library!

I enjoy having access to this resource. There aren't enough people honoring plant traditions in modern life. Thank you for making it accessible! 


Honoring Traditons and loving it

Audrey not only shares her wisdom as a plant-based chef and medicine woman, she cultivates a very real sense of community. One of the biggest ways this membership has changed my life is my ability to fight off illness without the use of drugstore medicines. I'm a teacher and therefore come in contact with a fair amount of germs. I have now gone a full three months without a single sick day. In years past I have suffered from pneumonia and pleurisy! Learning to care for both myself and my husband is empowering and healing - physically and psychologically. I would (and have) recommend this membership to anyone who is ready for a deeper dive into the world of plants and herbals medicines, alongside a tribe of fellow medicine women.

Tinora says:

Becoming a member of Medicine Woman has been life-changing.

are you ready to infuse more medicine into your life?

You're ready to feel empowered in using plants to heal and thrive

You're ready to have the knowledge to keep yourself and your family healthy, naturally.

You want to grow your own food and medicine using regenerative growing methods

You want to know more about using plants right outside your door as medicine

you want to have a lifestyle that weaves healing, wellness and connection into every aspect

you want to awaken and hone your innate intuitive power

you want to feel confident in your ability to know when and how to use herbs to promote healing and longterm wellness for you and your loved ones

Are you ready to connect your body and spirit to the plants and embody the wisdom of how to use their medicine in your home?

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Medicine Woman is a trusted resource I can go to when I am looking to add healthy recipes and remedies to my life.

- katie