I heard the call of the plants and never turned back

I'm not sure if the plants found me or I found the plants.  For as long as I can remember I've been communing with trees and engaging the dandelion in conversation.  

I then turned to the plants to help me regenerate and heal after a lifetime of chronic illness and my life changed forever.  It became apparent that I'm on the plant path...and my inner barefoot kitchen witch has been dancing with joy ever since.

I channel what I've learned through my teachers (human and plants) and my experience....passing down the wisdom as it was passed to me.  As our ancestors once did.  

It is my JOY is to help you find your highest level of wellbeing through connecting with the plants.  I am here as a vessel for the plants to heal and teach.

Over the past 10 years, I have slowly healed chronic illness and created a life focused on independence, freedom, and peace of mind.   This journey started with the plants.  And though it's not just about the plants - they are my muse and catalyst to both inner and outer wellbeing.   

As a wellness entrepreneur and mother of two small children, I get the struggle of living in a culture that does not prioritize true health and well-being.  It's time to take our wellness into our own hands and kitchens. And this is why I'm here.

The more I experience the magic of my children, the more I want for them....things like clean food, clean water, clean air and a world with more peace and less suffering.

I want more than just the cultural norm for my family... because the cultural norm is toxic food, air, and water and the list goes on. Our children deserve better. And so does Mother Earth.   If you're here I'm guessing you might feel the same.

Change happens with us right in our kitchens. What we feed our family is a ripple effect through our community and beyond. When we are well, the world around us becomes well.

In the winter:

You'll find me organizing cabinets, taking walks in the woods, drinking a lot of hot tea and planning next year's garden

In the spring:

I'm often deep in seed starting for our farm and I can be found outside preparing garden beds and harvesting wild chickweed and dandelion greens

in the summer:

I spend as much time outside as possible and can be found in the garden, wild foraging or making herbal medicines from the bounty of my herb gardens

in the fall:

You'll find me immersing myself in the bright colors of the fall leaves, still foraging and still harvesting from the garden...only in a jacket and my favorite fall muck boots





Nettle & chickweed

Take heart tea from Wild Moon Acres

The foxfire book of appalachian cookery


Currently you will find me...


Spring birds

I have expanded my garden, and cooked more delicious, healthy meals. Also, I approach cooking differently. More love. Meals were always rushed to get on the table. When I'm cooking something...especially when using things from my garden.. I take my time and appreciate the smells and the process. I'm learning to like cooking more. I LOVE growing my own herbs and learning how to use them medicinally.


Since becoming a
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